The Sicarii excused their atrocities with some of the same justifications used by present-day terrorists.

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  1. Someone says

    OK the super-samech on his chest is absolutely amazing

  2. Da5id says

    This comic (and The guide to Law as well) is absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  3. pgrmdave says

    All those arguments are the same ones nations make when getting their populace to fight a war – “we’ve tried diplomacy, this is our last resort”, “it’s your duty to your countrymen”, “we fight today so your children won’t have to fight tomorrow”, “they’re the bad guys, we’re trying to protect the world/make a better world”, “If you die, you’ll be a hero and be honored by everyone you know”.

    • And, with a bit less violence (so far), the arguments political parties make. “MAGA hats equal racism and there’s no reasoning with racists. ” Socialized medicine is Socialism, and there’s no reasoning with Commies.”

      Sort’s wish they’d take the martyr part more seriously and die for their cause, sometimes (If no one else got hurt.)

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