The real Gunpowder Plot didn't happen quite the way we've been told.

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  1. Ashley Yakeley says

    James VI of Scotland, not IV. Also I believe the failed Bye Plot and Main Plot may have helped James reconsider his attitude towards Catholic toleration.

    • You believe right!

      And dammit, of course he was James the Sixth, and of course I typed it backwards and didn’t catch it on any of my re-reads. Because I’m stupid like that! Good eye and thanks!

      (You want to know what makes that error extra worse? My senior thesis as a History major back in undergrad was on… get this… the persecution of Catholics under the STUARTS. This guy? Bloody James bloody Charles Bloody STUART. God DAMN it!)

      Thanks again!

  2. Gregory Thomas Bogosian says

    What exactly was the connection between capes and war?

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