Welcome to the Illustrated Guide to Terrorism. In this series, we will explore what terrorism is - who becomes a terrorist, and why - different strategies and tactics terrorists use - counterterrorism strategies and challenges - and much more!


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  1. cpast says

    I think the left/right key scripts are mixed up. If I press left, it takes me to the next comment. If I press right, it takes me to the previous.

  2. Muzer says

    Where’s Mr. Boom? 🙁

  3. Benjamin says

    Hey Nathan: Is there an RSS feed?

    • Yes there is!

      You can use “terrorism.lawcomic.net/feed” for the main content, or use “terrorism.lawcomic.net/comments/feed” to see new comments as they are posted. Alternately, you can just paste “terrorism.lawcomic.net” into your reader’s search bar.

      You can also subscribe to a comment, to get an email whenever it gets a reply. It’s a nice way of finding out if someone is engaging with you or follow a conversation, without having to hunt for it or remember what page it was on.

  4. Rufus Shinra says

    I wish to say hello to all the CIA, NSA, FBI, M5, MI6, DGSI, DGSE, MOSSAD, FSB, GRU and other similar letter soups who are now looking at our IPs.

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